Cameyo 2.0.882.0 for Windows 10


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Cameyo is a free virtualization software for various applications in the operating system. With it, you create a portable and secure versions of the programs that we will be able to run directly from removable drives or other devices via USB. It is also worth mentioning that Cameyo ideal for creating special version of the application that you can safely run the web services in the cloud, that is, for example, using Dropbox or 4Sync. By creating a portable version of the program (portable) will maintain order in our operating system. The official website of the manufacturer. We'll find a huge database of ready-made portable applications already that we can download and use them as needed. Using the program is simple, you just scan your hard drive and select any application that will automatically pack / processed into a single executable file. EXE. Then, the resulting file will be run in an isolated, virtual environment.